ActivComputing Fault Reporting Form
ActivComputing offers a simple way to report a fault/problem that you or your business may have.

Simply complete the form below and we will arrange a solution to your reported fault/problem.
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Conditions of Use:

By using the ActivComputing Fault Reporting form, you agree to pay our hourly charge for our support service. If the support is by remote support connection your fee is £30 per hour + VAT, if an on-site visit is required your fee will be £40.00 per hour + VAT.

You will be invoiced upon the completion of the work on the same day, all invoices will be payable with 30 days, if the invoice is settled within 14 days a discount may apply.

Remote Support Connection:

If we feel from your fault description can be resolved by a remote support connection one of engineers, will contact you and arrange a quick, easy, safe and secure remote connection. This support is the quickest method to attend your problem as our engineer can remotely connect to your computer instantly.

On-Site Visit:

Some faults/problems may require an engineer to visit your site, for example it could be a hardware problem. If an on-site visit is required, our engineer will book a date and time with you on our system.

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Your Name:
Business Name:
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